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Cost $179 for most vehicles, including shampooing cloth and fabric or for leather, a genital exfoliator with conditioner. We may adjust pricing up or down depending on the condition and size of the vehicle. Other available services on a stand-alone basis or in addition to standard detailing include:

Option A

An Ozone Shock treatment to destroy Mold, Mycotoxins, Organic Odors, and Viruses, including covid-19. Our American-made Industrial Grade Ozone Generator with a 5/7 plate pure Dielectric material generates 20000MGR. Recommended for vehicles with water damage or when shampooing alone can not eliminate odor problems.

Option B

UV-C Germicidal Light treatment to kill harmful pathogens including covid-19, influenza, norovirus, bacteria, and mold, and other types of allergens. How UV-C light destroys germs is a process called photolysis. Photolysis is the decomposition or separation of molecules at the D.N.A. or R.N.A. level, killing pathogens without harsh chemicals that may cause an adverse reaction. Recommended for vehicles that will have passengers with respiratory issues or weakened immune system.